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Prior Information Notices

The information supplied below relates to common items purchased for Diamond Beamlines on an occasional basis.

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DLSPIN0057 - Safety Hutches

The detailed design, fabrication and erection of shielded rooms (hutches) to stop a very wide range of radiationenergies are required for Diamond. The shielding material is expected to be lead. Shielding thickness will bein the range of a few millimetres to 5 to 10 cm. The rooms shall have access doors for personnel access, openable services passages, removable roofs, viewing ports and internal cranes.

DLSPIN0098 - X-ray Mirrors

Diamond Light Source require a number of focusing and collimating x-ray mirror systems for beamlines. Sometenders may be for complete systems, including goniometry, vacuum vessels and some bending mechanismsothers may be for just the mirrors. The mirrors will be manufactured from flat and cylindrically-polished substratematerials, with various surface coatings. Mirrors that are illuminating by the direct synchrotron beam will requireappropriate water cooling circuits. Shape error and roughness requirements will be very stringent.

DLSPIN0099 - X-ray Monochromators

X-ray monochromators to select monochromatic beams of variable energy from Diamond bending magnets andinsertion devices. These devices will operate under vacuum and will require suitable cooling. Monochromatorsfor both hard and soft x-ray beams may be required.

DLSPIN0105 - X-ray Diffractometers/Gonionmeters

Precision diffractometers and / or Goniometers. These devices will form the basis of synchrotron-basedexperimental diffraction facilities for studies of structural and electronic properties of substances.

DLSPIN0106 - Front Ends

Front-ends are used to convey synchrotron light away from the electron storage ring towards the experimentalbeamlines. The front-ends consist of a number of UHV vacuum components such as absorbers, shuttermechanisms, filters and apertures, delivered ready to install including pipework, cabling and stands.

DLSPIN0121 - Detectors

Detectors for use on synchrotron Beamlines. The supply may also include ancillary hardware such as cables,chillers, shutter and interfacing software.

DLSPIN0143 - Interferometers

Interferometers are required to measure the surface roughness and shape errors of a range of beam-line opticsused to focus and condition the Diamond synchrotron beam. The supply may also include ancillary equipmentsuch as cables, control software, and analysis software.

DLSPIN0152 - Automatic Sample Changer

Automatic sample changer for the transfer of samples into, and out of, the data collection position of a synchrotron beamline.

DLSPIN0162 - Beamline Optical Components

Optical components such as slits, shutters, collimators and filters capable of operating with both white beam and monochromatic x-rays generated by a synchrotron light.

DLSPIN0253 - Positioning System

Multi-axis precision positioning systems for the manipulation and positioning of samples and equipment within experimental enclosures of synchrotron beamlines.

DLSPIN0258 - Precision Tables

Precision tables and stages to operate with beams of X-rays. The stages will be required for the precise, reliable and repeatable positioning of optical components, samples and detectors and have excellent vibration damping properties.

DLSPIN0307 - X-ray Mirror Mechanical System

The scope is for the design, supply of materials, manufacture, assembly, test and delivery of one or morex-ray mirror mechanical systems for Diamond Light Source. The systems may include mirror mounts, cooling components (not required for all systems), ultra-high vacuum vessel housing the optic(s), and motion mechanics. The mirror optics will not be part of the requirement.

DLSPIN0317 - Beamline Slit and Shutter Systems

Slit systems may be primary, secondary or exit slits and are used to control the beam size. Shutters are used to prevent high energy radiation, gas bremsstrahlung and synchrotron radiation, from penetrating through the hole in the hutch shield wall when the shutter is closed.

DLSPIN0345 - Electron Analysers

Electron analyser(s) to be used at a synchrotron-based facility.