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DLSITT0428 - Multilayer Deposition System

The scope of the contract is to design, manufacture, test and deliver a fully functional ready to use Multilayer Deposition System (MDS) based on the DC sputter technique. The MDS will be installed in the DLS Optics Fabrication Building for the fabrication of high-quality single layer and multilayer X-ray optics for use on Diamond beamlines. The multilayer deposition system (MDS) is a thin film deposition system using DC magnetron sputter deposition. The system shall be custom designed and built based on our functional specifications as outlined in the specification. The MDS shall have capabilities of depositing highly uniform (lateral and depth) coatings on X-ray optics substrates. Since the multilayers to be deposited require an error-free layered structure, particular attention shall be paid to the stability and repeatability of the process.
Tender return date: 07/10/2021