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DLSITT0403 - Mechanical Testing Rigs for K11 and I12

The scope of the contract is to design, manufacture, supply, deliver, install and commission two mechanical test rigs for Beamline K11 and Beamline I12. These test rigs will comprise of the following:

a) A test rig including two rotation stages and an actuation system to allow compressive or tensile loads to be applied to the sample.
b) A closed loop controls system
c) A suitable interface allowing software integration of the supplied system into the beamline’s control system
d) One or more Load cells suitable for the rated load of the rig, see section 3.6
e) Mechanical and electrical interfaces
f) Motion system to allow centring of the sample on beam height.
g) All software source code (with comments) if Delta Tau motion control solution is used.

Tender return date: 18/12/2018